Advanced Technology

PMCS Group personnel have experience managing fast paced Mission Critical, Semiconductor, and Biopharmaceutical projects. We customize our project delivery to align with the client’s needs and work to bring value to the program.
QTS Data Centers – Santa Clara, CA and Hillsboro, OR Campuses

These projects involved a 2.0MW and 1.5MW addition to existing data halls. Included was electrical gear and mechanical equipment additions, BMS and EPMS upgrades, and a retrofit of an existing chilled water plant and UPS system. All work was completed in a live environment.

Service Provided: Construction and design management support services to QTS Data Centers including change negotiations, schedule management, budget management, coordination with various stakeholders, cost validation, managing owner furnished services, and commissioning support.

Construction Value: $30M

Confidential Semiconductor Tool Supplier – Tualatin, OR

Multiple projects (Labs, Cleanroom Manufacturing, Tenant Improvement, and Facilities Infrastructure) varying in size between $50,000 to $3,000,000 each. Projects involved basebuild, layout dependent, tool install, and general office remodels and new construction.


Services Provided: Construction and design management support services including managing relevant stakeholders, setting deadlines, managing relationships with contractors and design firms, control space allocation, project status meetings with project owners and company executives, and budget management. Management of scope, schedule, forecasts, invoices, project risks, and quality was supplied.   

Construction Value: $30M


Intel Confidential – Santa Clara, CA


Multiple Tool Installation, Cleanroom, and Layout Dependent projects to support client’s design package development and contract administration.


Services Provided: Provided design management and coordination services for Tool Installation and Cleanroom construction. Involved managing key deadlines for design deliverables, RFI and submittal correspondence, design safety walks, and development of as built documentation. Supported design team, client needs, and trade partners thru multi prime contract arrangement.


Construction Value: $100M


Micron Confidential – Boise, ID


Multiple base build, layout dependent, and cleanroom projects to support general contractor’s delivery of instrumentation and control systems.


Services Provided: Provided I&C design assist, project management, and coordination services for base build, layout dependent, and cleanroom installations. Involved managing key deadlines for deliverables, RFI and submittal correspondence, change management, progress schedules, managing SCADA database, interface with facility staff and system owners, and procurement of I&C systems. Supported general contractor in a CM/GC arrangement.


Construction Value: $180M


Vantage Data Centers – Santa Clara, CA Campuses


These projects involved ground up core and shell building installations, as well as data hall fit outs in a multi prime arrangement. Included was civil, structural, and architectural buildouts, electrical, mechanical, and control system installations.

Service Provided: Coordination with various stakeholders, site safety planning, and support services to Vantage Data Centers.

Construction Value: $80M


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