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Government Facilities Project 

City of Los Angeles Emergency Operations Center

Construction Value:

Approx. $120 M

A state of the art facility to control emergency operations for various agencies within the City of Los Angeles including the Police Department, 911 Fire Department Dispatch, and Emergency Management Department.  The facility includes full structural base isolation to allow for maximum possible vertical and horizontal earthquake movement, and full seismic isolation supports for major mechanical, electrical, plumbing, elevator, and telecom/data equipment.  As an essential emergency facility, the project was built with blast resistant perimeter and was equipped with state of the art security and surveillance systems.  

The facility housed the latest in telecom, dispatch, and audio visual equipment, and integrated such equipment with other essential systems.  Emergency standby power was provided by two 1MW generators with underground fueling systems supply.  A cornerstone of this project was redundancy of systems to provide backup in case of service shut down.  The redundant systems included on site water and sewage storage tanks, a backup DWP power supply originating from a different grid, and communications backup supplied from a non-interlinked switch.   Other components of this project include a 200 car post tensioned parking structure, and a 160 foot tall communications tower and associated power facilities.

PMCS Group’s scope of work included change order negotiations, managing the RFI and submittal process, document control, coordination with governing agencies, and chairing weekly meetings with the various owners and stakeholders, the general contractor and its subcontractors, and the Architect and its A/Es. Our company was recognized by the client for efficiency in executing this project, and for resolving conflict between the multitude of stakeholders including its three main tenants that had differing agendas and ideas for the final product.   Construction Value: Approx $120M.

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