Construction Inspector

Full Time

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Minimum Required Qualifications:

- At least (4) four years of experience in the inspection of engineering construction work including road, bridge, drain, aviation, sewer, traffic signal, water, and utility service p projects.
- Familiarity with, and a working knowledge of the Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction (Greenbook) and the Standard Plans for Public Works Construction, and experience in their use.
- Working knowledge of the Cal/OSHA Construction Safety Orders.
- Ability to interpret plans, specifications, special provisions and other contract documents.
- Ability to independently identify potential problems and propose solutions.
- Ability to enforce temporary traffic controls per approved traffic control plans, lane - requirements or California MUTCD, Chapter 6.
- Ability to work independently with limited supervision and oversight.
- Must possess a valid California, Class C, driver’s license.
- Must Be Fully Vaccinated

Tasks and Responsibilities:

- Perform construction inspection, oversight and enforcement of contract/permit documents for construction of various road, bridge, aviation, sewer, water, utility service, traffic signal and flood control projects being constructed by contractors under a contract or a permit issued by the Department.
- Arrange for material testing and construction staking to be performed by Department staff.
- Respond to complaints and inquiries from the public, elected officials, other agencies, Construction Division staff and other affected Department Divisions.
- Coordinate communications between all interested and affected parties, maintain accurate records of work done, and perform other associated contract or permit administration tasks.
- Prepare and process change orders, daily logs, and working day statements; collect work - records; maintain accurate records of work done for payment purposes; conduct employee interviews; prepare as-built plans and perform other associated contract administration tasks.
- Establish and maintain effective working relationships with Department staff.
- Monitor permitted activities for safety compliance.
- Monitor construction activities to ensure the public right of way is properly maintained and restored
- Reject work that does not meet permit requirements and issue notices to correct deficiencies.

Submission Requirements

At a minimum, the candidate’s professional resume must include the following:
• List of all Educational Achievements
• List of all Professional Licenses or Certificates
• List of Awards Received
• Detailed Employment History with each company or government agency including:
- Name & Contact Information of the firm or agency
- Start Date and End Date (Month & Year)
- Positions Held
- List of Projects / Programs Managed including project value, location of assignment, roles and
responsibilities and contribution to each project