Design Manager

Full Time

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Minimum Qualifications:

- Minimum 10 years full time paid professional experience managing the facilities design, or the planning and coordination of capital projects that includes the overall design, contract administration, cost estimating, and scheduling activities
- 5 years of this experience must be with the design, planning and construction of educational facilities or similar public agencies
- Graduation from a recognized college or university with a bachelor’s degree in Architecture or Engineering

Task and Responsibilities:

- Plans, organizes, and directs the design activities for the School Upgrade Program and critical repair projects. Functions as the lead design professional in the Design
- Department providing quality review, implementation of policy and procedures and interface and coordinates with the Division of State Architects (DSA)
- Manages, develops, and coordinates the District’s design process for the Facilities
- Planning and Development Division to ensure that plans are within functional program, budgetary, environmental and legal requirements
- Manages multiple projects through interaction with Architects, consultants, and District personnel from project conception, through draft to final review, approval, and handoff to Project Execution
- Oversees the building design process to ensure compliance standards and guidelines for the District by working with design professionals and various Districts administrators to ensure that new and modernized structures meet both educational and building standards requirements
- Establishes and follows a process to identify and select the architectural firm best suited for each project based on the firms’ qualifications and ability to meet performance standards
- Provides Architects with clear and consistent direction with regard to goals and objectives, standards, site, schedule, and budget for each project
- Establishes and follows an effective and efficient design review process to ensure that the design meets the overall goals and objectives for the project, provides maximum value for dollars budgeted, and are appropriate and enduring to meet the functional needs of the District, the local community, and the environment
- Ensures that decisions are made in a timely manner
- Ensures that all steps within the projector documented and that the documentation meets legal requirements
- Reviews design changes submitted to ensure project remains within budget
- Recommends architectural firm assignment from an established list of pre-qualified architectural firms
- Participates in community relations and outreach programs create understanding and acceptance of District building projects design within the community
- Coordinates with a host of professional staff who support the design function for the District
- Develops continuing education opportunities, i.e., seminars and workshops, to learn and share-up-to-date information on working with architects and contractors
- Coordinates project activities with other District organizational branches and departments such as the Office of the Environmental Health and Safety, A/E Design Services, Maintenance and Operations, School Occupancy Transitional Unit, Asbestos Technical Unit and Local Districts
- Performs other duties as assigned

Submission Requirements

At a minimum, the candidate’s professional resume must include the following:
• List of all Educational Achievements
• List of all Professional Licenses or Certificates
• List of Awards Received
• Detailed Employment History with each company or government agency including:
- Name & Contact Information of the firm or agency
- Start Date and End Date (Month & Year)
- Positions Held
- List of Projects / Programs Managed including project value, location of assignment, roles and
responsibilities and contribution to each project