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PMCS Group professionals have a rich experience in healthcare projects. Our motto is the patients and healthcare employees come first, and we plan construction around their operations. We customize our project delivery to align with the client’s needs and work to bring value to the program.
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Trinity Health​

Mechanical Project Management on a new/retrofit of a 1,000,000 square foot hospital on behalf of the Prime Contractor.


Project involves new construction and TI of an entire hospital and medical facility providing a wide spectrum of advanced, patient-centered healthcare services. Also included is a medical office building for hospital-based specialists and other patient and family-friendly services and amenities.  

Project Delivery Method: CM/GC and Design-Build

Construction Value: $500 Million

Edward R. Roybal Comprehensive Health Center - Los Angeles County Department of Public Works

Project Management on a 110,000 sq ft medical health clinic in East Los Angeles. Scope of work includes: Replacement of 8 rooftop AHU’s, replacement of cooling tower, chillers, 126 TU’s replaced, new ducts, ceiling tile replacement, new controls and programming, commissioning. PMCS acts as the clinic liaison and coordinates GC scope of work with clinic staff. Maintains and reviews cost of change orders and maintains scheduled activities and overall schedule progress. Key elements of the project include maintaining and operating clinic during a pandemic, scheduling eight rooftop unit removals and installations, and upholding extensive quality control measures.

Project Delivery Method: Design Bid Bid

Construction Value: $12.5 Million


200 UCLA Medical Plaza​

Project Management services for three states of the art building facilities at the UCLA Medical Plaza, including a subterranean parking garage:

  • 100 Medical Office Building -Private physician offices that provides radiological services, pharmacy, clinical laboratories.

  • 200 Outpatient Care – (Now known as Peter Morton Medical Building) Housed state of the art MRI and imaging equipment, Oncology dept, Pediatrics, Radiology, Neurology, Outpatient Surgical Suites, Resident/Research programs, Orthopedic,

  • 300 Mental Health Center – (Also known as Wendy and Leonard Goldberg Medical Building). Is an ambulatory care teaching/clinic.


PMCS reported on-site and reviewed submittals as it pertained to the contract documents, reviewed and cataloged submittals, and obtained material samples for the entire complex.

Project Delivery Method: Construction Management at Risk

Construction Value: $180 Million

Ventana Surgical Center / United Surgical Partners 

Project Management services on the tenant improvements of three operating rooms, treatment rooms, recovery rooms, medical gas systems, roof top AHU, fire alarm system, extensive millwork. We developed the project estimate including buyout, sub-contracts, develop and schedule maintenance, cost and change order negotiation, owner liaison.  Key elements of the project include state of the art surgical rooms, 16 post-op recovery rooms, sterilizer.

Project Delivery Method: Design Bid Bid

Construction Value: $11 Million

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El Monte Comprehensive Health Center

Project Management services on the the 60,000 square foot clinic HVAC replacement and construction of new Adult Medical Clinic reception. Scope of work included replacement of HVAC ducts, cleaning of ducts, chiller replacement with associated piping, installation of 223 ATU’s, new controls, programing, commissioning, new penthouse, new reception for Adult Medicine, Ceiling tile replacement.​


Key elements of the project was maintaining a fully functional clinic to support the community during demolitions and construction.

Project Delivery Method: Design Bid Bid

Construction Value: $14 Million

Alta Foothill Regional Medical Center

Project Management services on installation of MRI, renovation and replacement of sterilizer, and ADA building upgrades including public restrooms. He managed construction activities, acted as the GC liaison, and oversaw change order management, buy outs, and project schedule. Key elements of the project included the installation of structural framing supports for overhead rails and maintain functionality of the hospital during construction.

Project Delivery Method: Design Bid Bid

Construction Value: $2.1 Million

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