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We specialize in providing transportation services such as planning, scheduling, and management of construction projects. Our team of experienced professionals are equipped with the knowledge and resources to ensure that your project is completed on time, on budget, and to the highest standards of safety and quality. PMCS Group provides inspection and quality assurance services to ensure that your project meets all applicable performance standards and regulations.

LACMTA I-5 North County Enhancements Project

PMCS Group is supporting the I-5 Improvements project aimed at providing capacity enhancements along the I-5 freeway in the Santa Clarita area from the 14 Freeway to Parker Road. The Project consists of widening I-5 between the SR 14 Interchange and the Parker Road Interchange along with Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) improvements along I-5 between the I-405 and I-210.

The Project is in the City of Santa Clarita and the unincorporated areas of the Los Angeles County. It covers 17 miles in total, with 13.6 centerline miles of median widening to accommodate one HOV lane in each direction from just north of SR-14 to just south of the Parker Road interchange. It also includes outside widening for auxiliary lanes at various locations between SR-14 and Parker Road to enhance operation and safety.

Construction Value: $2.1 Billion


Westside Purple Line Extension, Phase 3 – Advanced Utilities Relocation Project, Los Angeles, CA

Section 3 of the Westside Purple Line Extension Project is a heavy rail transit project (HRT) that will extend the existing Purple Line from its future terminus at Century City Constellation Station to a new Westwood/VA Hospital Station. The extension will be approximately 2.59 miles and will include a total of two (2) new stations: Westwood/UCLA and Westwood/VA Hospital. In addition, the Project includes advanced utility relocations, and demolition of buildings along the Project alignment.

The Project will be procured in multiple contracts utilizing the Design-Bid-Build and Design-Build project delivery methods. Our Resident Engineer (CM) and Civil Inspector have been working on the Advanced Utility Relocation phase of this project.

In brief, the Resident Engineer is reviewing plans, and drawings, and overseeing the utilities relocation work. And our Civil Inspector is Coordinating verification testing to confirm that the construction contractors testing and sampling meet the contract requirements; Maintaining a verification testing log; Providing NDE Level III activities as per ASNT TC-1A, Certified Level III, and further QA/QC as needed for the project and Metro.

Construction Value: $11.5 Million

Los Angeles World Airport Terminal 1 Modernization Terminal 1.5 New Construction

Terminal 1.0 scope includes modernization of ticketing and main terminal areas, ramp access, jet ways, and the concessions area. PMCS staff support the GC in Project engineering, Construction management and Scheduling, and QA/QC process. Our scheduler is maintaining a 5,000-activity schedule with multi fragnets & weekly updates to avoid clashes in work areas between numerous subcontractors. Our Construction Manager supports the GC on the Westfield Concessions project coordinating schedules and progress with subcontractors, processing billing payment applications, updating daily construction progress to the owner with daily quality control reports, and managing the punch list and closeout process of completed projects.


Terminal 1.5 scope includes our QA/QC staff providing metrics for quality assurance and quality control, plus conducting daily verification of all construction work.

The PMCS safety representative conducts daily safety walk throughs, reviews and comments on Job Hazardous Analysis (JHA), attends toolbox meetings and trains employees on safety guidelines and procedures.

Construction Value: $400 Million

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